Software Engineer - Customer Experience

London, England, United Kingdom


Lyst is a global search engine that connects millions of shoppers to the fashion they love. Our product combines data science, software engineering and UX design to empower our customers to search millions of unique items and find they clothes they’ll love. Our teams own their work from idea to live in production, can release as often as they want and have the freedom to build what’s best for the customer. Lyst offers a wide range of complex problems to solve for millions of active users all over the world within a growing, diverse and flexible working environment.

Our teams are made of about 5-6 people with a mix of skills intended to fit the problem they are tackling. Each team is responsible for the deployment and operation of the software they work on. This means we have a lot of microservices but we invest in the training and tooling to make this work well.

We are constantly experimenting with new solutions for our users and data driven in everything we do from design to engineering. Our teams run hundreds of A/B tests and user studies a year to find out what really works for our customers.

We do continuous deployment and test in production but aim to keep fire fighting and service disruption to minimum so we can focus on building a better product. Building software that’s fast to iterate on, easy to maintain and low on surprises isn’t always easy but we value a good night's sleep.

We use a wide variety of technology but this isn’t a checklist.


We’re looking for someone with previous experience as either a frontend or backend software engineer to work on our search technology. You’ll be joining our customer experience team who build our core search algorithms and explore new techniques to get customers to the right product in less time.

We’re particularly keen on people who take a multi-disciplinary, customer focussed and metrics lead approach to development using tools like A/B testing and continuous deployment to get feedback about what works as fast as possible. We are looking for open minded frontend or backend engineers to help expand the ways we can use data science to help customers find the best products.


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