Senior Data Scientist

London, England, United Kingdom


Lyst is a global search engine that connects millions of shoppers to the fashion they love. Our product combines data science, software engineering and UX design to help customers find what they want out of millions of unique items.

We bring together people with a wide variety of skills to work in small teams with a shared vision of the product.

We value autonomy and alignment and reward teams for using this freedom to build a great product.

We aim for a diverse culture that is all about learning to create great software for our users.

We’re looking for someone who can work with our existing team of data scientists and engineers to help us navigate the complex world of machine learning.

As a senior data scientist at Lyst, you’ll be working with small groups of other data scientists on problems around our search experience. Named entity recognition, search result ranking & diversification, personalisation and recommender systems are all problems we are actively discovering opportunities to improve our product.

We solve some unique problems at Lyst so you’ll be learning the best solutions as you go. You’ll also help teach other engineers new techniques and applications, and with product owners to help find new ways to apply data science and machine learning in our solutions.


We make great use of both the Python and AWS data science ecosystems to power our solutions. We hold regular literature reviews and data science training sessions here to help spread knowledge of the best techniques available that fit our problem.

Our teams are made of about 5-6 people with a mix of skills intended to fit the problem they are tackling. Each team is responsible for the deployment and operation of the software they work on. This means we have a lot of microservices, but we invest in the training and tooling to make this work well.

We aim to keep fire fighting and service disruption to a minimum so we can focus on building a better product. Building software that’s easy to maintain and low on surprises is a goal in many of the design approaches we’ve taken.

Closing Date - 29th September 2019


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