Senior Fullstack Engineer - Internationalisation

London, England, United Kingdom


Who are we?

Lyst is a global search engine that connects millions of shoppers to the fashion they love. Our product combines data science, software engineering and UX design to help customers find what they want out of millions of unique items.

We bring together people with a wide variety of skills to work in small teams with a shared vision of the product.

We value autonomy and alignment and reward teams for using this freedom to build a great product.

We aim for a diverse culture that is all about learning to create great software for our users.

About you

As our senior engineer for international, you’ll be responsible to oversee the internationalization of our product in local languages as per our ambitious localization roll-out.

You will not only ensure each local platform mirrors our UK platform and exceeds local user expectations, but also collaborate with product managers and designers to design the localized experience and build new consumer features in new markets. You will be the champion for i18n, promoting i18n inside engineering and making sure everyone keeps in mind i18n requirements from design phase.

How we work

Our website is mostly built on Django using Python 3 and is backed by a collection of independent services which power our user experiences.

Our teams are made of about 5-6 people with a mix of skills intended to fit the problem they are tackling. Each team is responsible for the deployment and operation of the software they work on. This means we have a lot of microservices but we invest in the training and tooling to make this work well.

We aim to keep fire fighting and service disruption to minimum so we can focus on building a better product. Building software that’s easy to maintain and low on surprises is a goal in many of the design approaches we’ve taken.

Most of our engineers work from our office in London but we appreciate it’s not always the perfect environment for everyone. That’s why we are open to the option of working from home if it’s what’s best for you.


Further reading

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