Senior Engineer - Organic Growth

London, England, United Kingdom


About Lyst

Lyst is a Global Fashion Search Platform which connects millions of shoppers globally with the world’s leading fashion designers and stores, giving them a simpler, more engaging buying experience.

At Lyst we work in small, self-managing, autonomous teams with end-to-end responsibility for a specific customer-focused project. This structure brings together Lysters from all the disciplines that are needed to deliver the squad’s goals. We reward these squads for the Impact they make and value the innovative approaches that autonomy and alignment can bring. We hire great people and get out of their way!

Marketing Technology

At Lyst, we have a vast inventory of millions of fashion products - the challenge within the Marketing Tech team is to ensure that Lyst is seen by every potential fashion purchaser all over the world, and that we always show them the right message for their stage of their journey, and connect them with the most relevant content and products when they arrive. All this while paying the optimal amount for every item of marketing, in the face of thousands of products being updated every minute, and continuous changes in fashion trends.

As an engineer in marketing tech, you’ll be part of the wider Lyst engineering organisation too, and will need to work with other engineering teams, either building features that we need, or helping to improve our tools and contributing back to company wide infrastructure. We all follow a shared set of best practices such as code review, automated testing and continuous integration and frequent deployment.

Although we’ve built a majority of existing systems in Python and see the benefits of standardisation, we believe in building the best solutions possible and deployment through microservices gives us the opportunity to select the most appropriate stack for any particular project.

Technology we use in Marketing Tech (and also throughout Lyst) includes:

The Role

You will work as part of a cross-functional squad with top-notch developers, marketers and data scientists as co-workers - this is a varied role with large scale back-end engineering, to build a robust pipeline of ad inventory, some front-end/full stack engineering to ensure we collect all relevant and accurate data about customer journeys and also commercial performance, followed by data analysis and model development (including machine learning techniques) to feed the data back into the bidding pipeline to optimise performance.

The ideal candidate will be able to take ownership for building out stages of our full marketing pipeline, from working with executives to design a given stage, working with the engineering team lead to architect it, then working with and mentoring other engineers in the team to build and deliver the project.

The work you'll be doing has a very direct impact on the company’s overall commercial performance, so would suit someone who can think commercially (as well as technically), and come up with solutions that have impact in both areas.



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